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Hello, I’m Heather Deyo

I’m passionate about curating travel experiences that change the way you see the world. From hosting retreats to helping plan your next adventure, I bring over three decades of travel experience to provide a truly unique encounter with local culture and history. At Casa Erica Travel we believe that travel done well will broaden your mind, restore your soul, and inspire you for years to come. 


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— Heather Deyo

“With lively times around the table, experiences that feed your soul, and time for rest and reflection in the garden, all set to the sounds of village church bells, we know you will have a wonderful time.”

— Lyndsay Almeida

Our time in this beautiful place was like a dream. As we drove through the mountains toward the village we couldn’t believe all the livestock, vineyards, and ancient hilltop cities along the way. At one point we were driving slowly up a mountain with the windows down, and [my son] yelled, “I feel like my heart’s about to pop! It’s beautiful!!!

— Lorrain Ley

We just felt so, so at home with the hosts and all the guests, it was truly like family. While we can give recommendations for activities outside of the retreat, the retreat was THE best part. It was such a local experience, that you can’t get traveling in Italy on your own, even with the assistance of the hotel or the recommendations of past guests.

— Crystal Mixson

The Retreat was the perfect getaway. Nothing felt hurried nor rushed but somehow we did saw and did so much. The property we stayed in was lovely with a magnificent view of the city. The gardens and former monastery were spectacular but that only scratches the surface. It was both serene and energizing. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience. Our hosts made sure we were comfortable, happy, and the dining was incredible. I have traveled to Italy several times but I had never enjoyed and experienced ‘authentic’ Italy as we did on the Retreat. Prepare to be spoiled and enjoy every minute of it.

— Sislyn Caruth

Upon arrival in Lubriano, the countryside of Italy with its breathtaking views, we were greeted by our hosts. Our days were filled with activities and leisurely tours of the local markets, stores and sightseeing tours. I’m a foodie, so I especially enjoyed some of the most succulent meals prepared by the chefs in the village. And I must mention our early morning walks into the village to sit and enjoy the best espressos ever. There’s something about the country air, or maybe it was the delicious wine. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys traveling and wants to indulge in a one of a kind unique experience!

— Joye McCrea

Truly the best trip of my life! Lubriano has my heart. Such a beautifully curated, perfectly paced, and lovingly guided experience! So wonderful to explore and savor Italy in a personal and intimate journey, we cannot wait to go back!

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Thanks to Lyndsay Almeida and Ruthie Werner for the use of their photos.